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About Etiquette and More

My name is Deenna Latus Steinhaus, and I am the owner and sole employee of Etiquette and More. I created this organization to assist students and new professionals with learning and using professional business behaviors and dining etiquette.

Why establish Etiquette and More?

My interest in this field started many years ago. As a professional in the Career Development field for over 15 years, I have worked with college students on their career planning, job/internship searches, interview preparation, and networking strategies. The campus I worked for as an Assistant Director in the Career Development Center was wonderful, and I feel we offered excellent individual and group services and resources to our students and alumni. However, even with having tools and information available to them, I found that a number of students were concerned about what to do when they had to interact with employers in a social or dining setting. Many were wary about their ability to demonstrate appropriate behaviors, and often did not know what behaviors would be expected. 

Due to the ever growing desire by employers to hire candidates with strong communication skills, I felt that if students are well-prepared and confident in their behaviors and actions, they will make better impressions. Therefore, when a need arose on our campus for an etiquette expert to present Dining Etiquette sessions, I sought professional training and became a Certified Etiquette Consultant through the Etiquette Institute in St. Louis, Missouri. 


Over the last nine years I have presented to 1,500+ students, alumni, faculty, and staff on the topics of dining etiquette, professional dress, business etiquette and behaviors, and transitioning from student to professional. I have worked with campuses including: Minnesota State University, Mankato; Southwest Minnesota State University; Metropolitan State University; Winona State University; St. Olaf College; the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Augsburg College; and The Schwan Food Company.

My goal is to provide a relaxed environment where attendees feel comfortable asking questions. Although the training is meant to prepare them for "formal" situations, I prefer a more informal approach that incorporates humor into instruction that could easily become dry.

If you would like more information about the services I can provide, please feel free to contact me at: or 507.351.2892.

Thank you!


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